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Bouyard Art Painting Studio
Bouyard Art Painting Studio is an upgrowing manufacturer & designer of hand-painted Chinese scenic wallpapers for interior design market.
The oriental silk panels connect to display a continous landscape for a whole room to create a unique Chinoiserie style.

Current Projects

All products are made by talent artists, using authentic techniques based on ancient Chinese art craft.The unique style and lovely interpretations of nature found in our wallpapers have admired the world over by interior designers for their ability to transform an interior space into a true work of art. BAPS has successfully applied these principals to creating designs of classic Chinoiserie scenes depicting lovely trees, flowers and birds in garden settings, classic Chinese historical scenes depicting village life and mythical scenes to creat a outstanding atmosphere in house or commercial sites.

Our Designs

person 1
New Design 01
Special in flower highlighting
person 2
New Design 02
Mono colorway in yellow style
person 3
New colorway for BC009
Special in leaf
person 4
New Design 04
Special in Flower painting styel
person 5
New Design 05
Mono colorway in bamboo
person 6
back color:E
person 7
New coloeway for BC019
Crane resort design in black
person 8
Frame work with mono colorway
Bird feeding design in Z color


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